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Akhand Mahila Shisu Utkrsh Trust Jagana Ngo In Palanpur Gujarat

Akhand Mahila Shisu Utkrsh Trust Jagana Ngo Information

AKHAND MAHILA SHISU UTKRSH TRUST JAGANA Non Governmental Organization is located in Palanpur Gujarat . AKHAND MAHILA SHISU UTKRSH TRUST JAGANA is registered as a Trust at MEHSANA of state Gujarat with Ngo unique registration ID 'GJ/2010/0023940' . The NGO registration is done by Charity Commissioner with registration number F/547/B.K. on the date of 23-07-1996, Its parent ORganaisation is PaulFoundation. The Chairman of AKHAND MAHILA SHISU UTKRSH TRUST JAGANA is LAXMIBEN PARTHIBHAI KAREN and Chief functionary officer is LAXMIBEN PARTHIBHAI KAREN.

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1st Floor, Shahibag Shopping Center, Opp. Cosy tower, Nr. RLY. Bridge, PIN-385001
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AKHAND MAHILA SHISU UTKRSH TRUST JAGANA Key Issues and Operational Areas, Major Activiities & Achivements

Key Issues

This AKHAND MAHILA SHISU UTKRSH TRUST JAGANA NGO charity is working on Key Issues of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Aged/Elderly, Agriculture, Art & Culture, Biotechnology, Children, Disaster Management, Dalit Upliftment, Drinking Water, Education & Literacy, Environment & Forests, Food Processing, Health & Family Welfare, HIV/AIDS, Housing, Human Rights, Information & Communication Technology, Legal Awareness & Aid, Labour & Employment, Land Resources, Micro Small & Medium Enterprises, Nutrition, Panchayati Raj, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, Scientific & Industrial Research,

Operational States


Major Activities and Achivements

To start, to run and to maintain kinder gardens, primary schools, Ashram Shalas, High Schools of Higher Secondary Schools, Colleges and Professional andTechnical Classes, etc. without any difference of caste of creed. To furnish necessary facilities of study and education to economically backward females and children in economical way. To start, run and maintain hostels.chhatralayas ,etc., for female students if necessary in relation with above study sylabus and to run night schools and libraries, etc. To establish, run, maintain libraries, music classes, type classes, Short¬hand education classes for female students. To start, run, maintain all activities directly of indirectly affecting the females relating education except this. And to establish, run, maintain etc., sewing classes, adult education classes, classes of computer, typing, short-hand for upliftment of females. To make experiments like research like acts regarding To arrange meetings, conference, to give lactures by giving scholarships, prizes, travelling expenses, etc. To do work for development of children, to make children taking education and to do campain for giving protection against child diseases in rural and urban areas and to do other activities for the development of children. To run family advise centers, to give just and proper guidance to females in family disputes through expert persons and to run girls advise centre. To do necessary help to females and students to make them self sufficient and to open classes and training centers so as to enable them to get employment to make them self sufficient. To giv other assistance regarding study and to run tution classes and to arrange tour and to arrange camps and awareness campain for development of female students. To run stalls, shops, etc., so as to avail necessary books, note-books and other accessories at reasonable rates to children and students. To open relief centers and to do service of every nature to open relief centers to help people lives affected by flood, natural calamities and famine. To become helpful to poor and patients of necessity, to brings medicines for, to give help in cash and to do necessary help, to be helpful to the patients suffering from serious diseases like cancer, leprosy, tuberculosis, aids. To help poor, helpless, handicapped, orphans by food, clothes and residence and to help in that respect. To try to remove illiteracy and to propagand for education in villages and cities and to be helpful in such attempts. To take steps for plantation and to campain to plant new trees. To prepare nursery for growth of plants of fruit bearing trees, to purchase seeds of fruit bearing trees, ot breed in kundas and polyethyene begs and t sell to needy persons and to furnish necessary guidance for plantation and growth. To start irrigation centers for the welfare of small and border-land agriculturists of rural area, to teach to cultivate and to arrange for market arrangement. To level the land under Soil Reformation Programme and to take on hand project of water shade of the Government.